News: Escher Tessellated Polyhedra

Escher Tessellated Polyhedra

Escher Tessellated Polyhedra

After Cory Poole posted some great Escher snowflakes, and Cerek Tunca had the great idea of using it as a base for a tetrahedron, well, I just had to give it a go. I will post a few more pictures and variants later (I think this was what Cerek was envisaging—if not let me know!)

Funny how the octahedron works best. In 2D, equilateral triangles tessellate in sixes and alternate, in 3D they alternate in fours. The icosahedron and tetrahedron has sides that touch similar sides, but there is no way around that.

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These are so awesome. You can also use some of his square tessellations to make cubes although you have to be careful that the colors don't change and that rotations don't matter.

These also look really cool if you then project them onto spheres. I've made a couple this way. I'll have to post some of these up when I have a chance.

These look very cool. What's underneath the paper (the base)? Or are the straight folded from a print out?

printed straight onto 160 gsm card stock - nets cut out and then scored with a biro on the back. The tetrahedron and the octahedron made from the individual triangles cut out from the net of the icosahedron

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