Origami Sierpinski Tetrahedron Constructed with 250+ Modules

I've already posted a brief roundup of interesting models folded by Michal Kosmulski, expert orgami-ist and IT director at NetSprint. However, I didn't include my favorite model, because I felt it deserved its own post. Kosmulski folded an elaborate and large Sierpinski tetrahedron, which he deems "level 3" in difficulty. (Translation: hard). It is constructed with 128 modules and 126 links, based on Nick Robinson's trimodule.

Here's the only information given on its construction: "The links were made from narrow rectangular straps of paper by folding two flat pentagonal knots on each."

Origami Sierpinski Tetrahedron Constructed with 250+ Modules

Origami Sierpinski Tetrahedron Constructed with 250+ Modules

This would be an amazing future Math Craft project. The end result is really beautiful.


Oh cool. I love the sierpinski tetrahedron. I've made it from 64 nets before. You can see that on this post on my old website.

whoa the koch surface is insane. would you do a future how-to on both (triangle and the third trippy koch surface box thing)?

The Koch surface took forever...and I cheated. The small (1/8 inch) cubes are actually cut from square rods and then painted. Still probably took me about 20 hours to do... That's a lot of gluing! The pyramid is a lot less is the fractal tree. I was planning on getting around to these eventually. :)

Fantastic model I just love it
There must be a way we can do it - or a variant as a colaborative build

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