Silver & Gold: DIY Modular Origami Christmas Ornaments

DIY Modular Origami Christmas Ornaments

After becoming addicted to basic sonobe modular origami, I decided to make ornaments for relatives as Christmas gifts.

I tried using fancy paper from stores like Paper Source, and cutting it to proper origami size, but I could never get the tight folds I wanted with non-traditional, non-origami paper. I ended up using this metallic origami paper that folds beautifully, and I'm pretty happy with the tiny models I ended up with. Forgive these pictures (iPhone/Instagram), I don't have my regular camera with me.

I'm planning on adding fishing line so these can hang from a tree. If you'd like to make your own version, there are instructions available here.

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Lovely stuff - what size are the squares?

very small. about 1.25" by 1.25"

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