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Modular Origami

Modular Origami

Cory has posted some great picture of Father Magnus' intersecting cubes (the great man is holding one in his right hand) - well the above is what happens when five tetrahedra intersect.  It is modular origami and made from just ten sheets of origami paper.  technically in a folding sense it is easy - but putting it together is mind-warping

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Awesome. Such a great model. How long did it take you to figure out how to assemble it? I know it took me quite a while when I made one. This is pretty much the exact color scheme that I made mine a couple of years ago. I used all "metallic" card stock in blue, green, copper, bronze, and silver.

Is there a how-to online? this is seriously beautiful

here is mine, I have an all black one on my desk now, here is an older one I made

I'm impressed. I haven't gotten too far. (only the basic modular polyhedra ... dodecahedron, etc.) You should round up all of your models in one post and post it to the corkboard. Or post step by step instructions of the above model, with photos... i really want to figure out how to make that one. :)

here are the original diagrams for the model written by the designer
his gallery is pretty wild to

and a youtube vid for some who need to be sknow, it is a bit tricky

other modulars I have done, this is a model from a few years back, it is from a British book, and was folded with a4 paper. finding the diagram has been a bit tricky and I havent seen it in ages.

this is from one of my favorite american books it is a origami cuboctohedron using the sonbe system

tomoko fuse wrote a lot of books on making balls and 3ds models.
les pook wrote flexagons inside out,
lewis simon,bennet arstein, and rona gurkewitz: modular origami polyhedra

considering the list of books I have on just modular origami, I may write an article later on

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