About the Lecture: Circle is a part of geometry and Geometry section is of 40% marks which means this is very important section and each and every topic discussed here is very important.

This is the first introductory lecture and the instructions on the theorems of Circle.

About Malik Sir : Mr. Malik Sir is the most interactive teacher. He teaches the students of class IX, X, XI and XII. Further he has 20 years of experience and this experience has made many students score the best result. A topic taught by sir cannot be forgotten. He has a zeal to teach and he always comes up with a new enthusiasm, a new story and a new trick. His lectures are boon for all the students who want to succeed. In his lectures, he has shared some secrets of success. If you wish to be successful, you should watch his lectures. These lectures can be a life changing experience for you. He teaches with sense of humor so the student does not find his lectures boring or his subject boring.

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