News: 30 Square Sliding Modular Origami

30 Square Sliding Modular Origami

Here's my first attempt at the 30 squares model. I needed to be a little bit more careful in the measuring and cutting as not everything matches up - but it is still a really pleasing shape.

30 Square Sliding Modular Origami

30 Square Sliding Modular Origami

I realised that this shape is basically 5 intersecting cubes. Below is a simple cadboard model of 5 intersecting cubes: 

30 Square Sliding Modular Origami

30 Square Sliding Modular Origami

You can see that the shapes are exactly the same- I have aligned the blue, yellow and red edges in both pictures

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Beautiful. I love how many different shapes are formed. The pentagrams look fantastic, The rhombi in the center of the squares are interesting and I love the 3 colored triangular locks. Wow. I might have to make one myself.

Beautiful. I just bought some special paper to try this one out... I'm going to attempt it tonight. Any tips besides precise measuring/cutting?

Keep a close eye on the adjacent colour and those around the square - you don't want to find out (like I did) that you have two of the same colour together around the same pentagonal hole or slotted into the same square. ie a pink square has a blue, gold, silver and yellow slotted into it. . When you look at it carefully you will realise that the 6 squares of the same colour are aligned at 90 degrees to each other (ie where the faces of a cube would be.)

Rachel - I have just realised that this model is basically a version of 5 intersecting cubes. so in you head you can see that each colour forms the faces of a cube. I have posted the two of the models along side each other

Haven't tried it yet. I did the modular origami instead. Definitely on my list, though.

@imatfaal. That's really cool that it is basically 5 intersecting cubes. It's always amazing when you have a realization (though you probably think I should say realisation) that these models are so related to each other. For instance, I just realized that the dodecathedron if edge colored correctly is really the 5 intersecting tetrahedra!

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