News: Nice Range of Modular Models

Nice Range of Modular Models

A source of inspiration... Models folded and photographed by Michal Kosmulski. There are only two sets of instructions on the site, but they are very well done. I wish he had covered more of the models. Here are a few I would like to tackle (I'll admit my eyes are bigger than my plate):

Five intersecting tetrahedra
Large icosahedron (=truncated icosahedron with pyramids on all faces)
Spiked fullerene (truncated icosahedron)
Menger Sponge

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I've made the buckyball from tom hull's phizz units before. You can also make a cool torus (donut) this way that makes an attractive wreath as well. Very cool. I'll have to check out the site later tonight.

The 5 intersecting tetrahedra are a well known model, the instructions should be easy to find.
The large icosahedron is simply a sonobe model with the sonobe model with the units facing inwards instead of out.
Buckyball is made of phizz units.
The STUVWXYZ model should also be easy to find.
Hope this helps.

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