Mathematical Holiday Ornaments: Escher "Snow Flakes"

Escher "Snow Flakes"

This week's post on creating 6-sided Kirigami Snowflakes got me interested in seeing whether I could use the process to create tessellation snowflakes using the method. I still haven't succeeded, but I did decide to make some ornaments based off a few of the tessellations by M.C. Escher that have a 6 sided symmetry.

Mathematical Holiday Ornaments: Escher "Snow Flakes"

Mathematical Holiday Ornaments: Escher "Snow Flakes"

Mathematical Holiday Ornaments: Escher "Snow Flakes"

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very cool. how did you make? did you just draw and cut out? they look great.

Images are from various images of MC Escher's Tessellations that are available on the internet. I just cut out certain sections to highlight the symmetries.

You did this very well! What would be cool is a triangular pyramid shaped with the images- you should try it with foam or something.

'That would work. Basically these are if you put them together right you could get a truncated tetrahedron...which would look like what you are saying but with holes. I'd have to scale them to be the same size. Hmmm....interesting.

Oops I meant a tetrahedron... That would be really cool though

That's what you said. Triangular pyramid. AKA Tetrahedron. I knew what you meant...and it's a really cool idea.

Hmm... Yeah...

I liked this idea so much I just had to have a go. Have posted on the corkboard. Will add a few varieties tomorrow

Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

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