Penny Polyhedra: Cube



Awesome. I'm impressed. You know what's really cool about these? You've managed to turn a simple decision maker (coin) into another (die,) This only works well if you leave 3 heads and 3 tails. I made two myself and I roll them to make some of my decisions!

very cool. I love these - especially the larger ones. I would need to pick up a soldering iron, though.

And you can't use a small electronics soldering iron very well since the coins have so much mass. You need a pretty powerful iron to do it right otherwise the solder joints aren't very strong. I've always wondered how a strong epoxy like JB weld would work though.

how much does one of those cost?

Still cheap. You can get a big iron for 30-50 bucks. One problem with them is they don't have a nice little tip...the tip is a bit bigger and clunkier.

I have a tiny tip that came with it along with some big ones. The way I found best was putting a blob of solder on each penny and then melt them together. The iron I got was $50 not used off of eBay at an auction. Here it is. Its really nice!

Ah. That's pretty nice. I still think it works better with a bigger iron. I think mine is 250 watts. Even so, it takes a while to heat up those pennies to get a really strong joint.

Note: my 250 watt iron is not meant for detailed work like that soldering station is. So the power is great...but it's a bit unwieldy. Meant for structural stuff only.

Yea, it was pretty hard.

I'll post more when I make them.

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