News: An Octahedron Made with Sonobe Units

An Octahedron Made with Sonobe Units


Nice. It's really clean. Really, really, good for your first try! The paper patterns and colors look really good too. This is how I got addicted to geometric art 3 years ago. Be careful. :)

just to give you a sense of how instantly addicted I am.... I'm going to a japanese paperstore during my lunch break. :)

I need to shop at one of those sometime...I've only ever bought whatever they happen to have at Michael's...since it's the only place where I live that has any at all.

Wow, beautiful work! I am always amazed at the art of origami.

thanks! it's a pretty satisfying process. :)

Great execution . Good patterned origami paper makes a real difference to sonobe.modular origami. BTW for those in the UK muji will often sell christmas patterns fairly cheaply - they make superb christmas tree decorations

love muji... there's a couple in NY (Soho, JFK etc). will check it out online.

Looks awesome. Nice choice in paper (and colors)! Maybe if you're giving these out as gifts, you could try placing secret messages to the person on the inside, that way if it ever breaks, they'll get one last thing out of it.

Good idea. A couple of years ago I used all modular origami boxes for gifts. I thought the best one I gave was one where it was just the edges of a cube and then I hung the gift in an envelope in the center.

Before Christmas I will post a method of origami present wrapping. It is basically a method of wrapping a book/box shape in a single piece of paper with no cuts/sellotape/glue - if the present is a bit below par (cos funds are tight) then a bit of effort on the presentation really makes up for it

that would be amazing. I just got a book (today!) on origami boxes today, which I'm excited to play around with.

Ah. I've thought about buying that book before. You'll have to let me know how it is.

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