A Kit-of-No-Parts: "Crafting" Electronics at MIT

"Crafting" Electronics at MIT

I recently came across this amazing MIT media lab site, Kit-of-No-Parts. Though not directly related to the content Cory has been posting, it is an interesting "craft" approach to technology/science. The site was created as documentation of a student's thesis work in the High-Low Tech research group at the MIT Media Lab:

"My thesis describes a Kit-of-No-Parts as an approach to crafting electronics, rather than designing discrete components... The collection of recipes and ingredients on this website describe how to build electronics from a wide variety of conductive and non-conductive materials using a range of traditional and contemporary craft techniques."

Browse the site for a variety of cool "recipes" (I'm not sure I understand all of them). Here's one I found particularly cool:

The Carved Pixel

"Using thermochromic pigments, that turn transparent when heated to a certain temperature, on top of conductive paint conductors that can be heated up by running power across them."

Thermochromic Pixels (On/Off Timing)

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