News: Torolf Sauermann

Torolf Sauermann

A beautiful object by artist Torolf Sauermann; see more of his math art here.

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Very cool. It's a variation on a half twist square mobius strip. Here's a simple demonstration of how you can think of such an object. This also indicates one way of building one. You take a ring and put lots of squares with holes on the ring. Twist. Glue. Sand.

interesting ... would be a cool how-to project. what materials would you use for the squares?

I'd probably use wood... but thinking about it a bit more...maybe different colors of cardstock or even just paper. You'd need a lot but the advantage would be that they are so thin that you probably wouldn't need to do much smoothing. Also you could get some pretty wild colorings. Get it color...rings. Alright. I apologize for that one.

Of course Torolf Sauermann's looks much cooler. I wonder what he uses to fabricate these.

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