News: Three-Dimensional Weaving with Sticks

Three-Dimensional Weaving with Sticks

These are a few examples of my latest craze. It is basically a 3d weave of cocktail sticks—just lots of them. I have made them from chopsticks and skewers as well, but have given those as presents and don't have any pictures.

Three-Dimensional Weaving with Sticks

Sticks of the same colour are all parallel to each other, and at a fixed angle to all other colours. I am not sure if I don't prefer the nature colour

Three-Dimensional Weaving with Sticks

This angle shows how each stick (that is pointed at the camera) is surrounded by a triangle of three others. And here is the latest work in progress with drinking straws. It still needs straightening up and gluing—any clues on the best glue to use would really be appreciated. :-)

Three-Dimensional Weaving with Sticks

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Wow. Would you make a How-To?

Really nice. I've made the 72 pencils version of this that has the same symmetry. It's pretty cool how you can just keep building off of that if you do it symmetrically.

You only need to glue a few of the pieces and everything will hold together...I wonder if it wouldn't be worth experimenting taking a small soldering iron and tip at trying to just barely melt the straws into attaching. Would probably be too fussy...but if it worked...

I wonder what I have lying around my apartment that's thin, long, and in large quantities? Hmm. Time for a scavenger hunt, cause I'd like to try this out. I like the hexagon shape of the tips of the sticks, but I bet you could take a pic at just the right angle and recreate the hexagon shape with the whole thing. The first picture nearly does it. So cool.

I did this but after I sprayed it with spray glue to harden it

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