News: Origami Panda

Origami Panda

Origami Panda

So, this is a type of origami that is called golden venture origami. This type of origami is made of hundreds to thousands of little intersecting triangles. This took about 2-3 three hours, the picture is pretty bad because it was taken at school with a cell camera. But I hope this inspires you to make some of your own! This type of origami is in essence very easy to make but takes a lot of time and effort to make. However if you get really good at it, you can do it without even looking at about 5 seconds per triangle

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rachel mansur, requested that i show off some of my work, here it is

Cool. How do you decide how many triangles go around each layer?

well, it kinda depends on how big you want your panda to be. But it has to be a mix of stableness in the first ring and actual size. For this one i think i did around 18-20. Anything too much smaller becomes too tight and does not look good. Anything too much bigger is very floppy and easily breaks, a big no no when trying to make it in your spare time on the bus. There are also some other tricks to make it look round, for example most of the triangles point outward, but there is one layer that points inward. try to find it ;)

So do all of the rings have the same number of triangles?

well, you can change it to have more or less. But this had the same number of triangles all the way around. It may look much smaller on the top and the bottom because i was using really cheap construction paper that was like twice as thick as the white paper i was using

Still looks really cool.

nice! thanks for posting. looks like an insane amount of work.

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