News: Orderly Tangle Earrings

Orderly Tangle Earrings

I decided I would make those earrings I alluded to in Monday's Post on orderly tangles. I had to shrink the templates down so that the triangles are about 2 cm on a side. I used 110 lb cardstock and and painted them using metallic leafing paint in gold, silver, copper, and brass. I would put up a tutorial, except I think that this project would be too frustrating for most people. All I can suggest is that you make the orderly tangle of 4 triangles multiple times and just keep shrinking the sizes down.

Orderly Tangle Earrings

Orderly Tangle Earrings

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Nice job! great idea!

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with them. I'd never made earrings before. Hopefully my Wife actually likes them!

These are fantastic. Was your wife happy?

Thanks. She seemed like she liked them. We'll see how many times she actually wears them! They seem like they should work pretty well for the holiday season anyways.

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