Cyriak Harris' Fractal Freakiness

I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but being Halloween and mathematically inspired, I thought I'd dig up an old favorite for those who may have missed it. Original post with quote from Cyriak here.

More fractal hands: Tim Hawkinson's "Fruit" Series

Cyriak Harris' Fractal Freakiness

Cyriak Harris' Fractal Freakiness


Nice! I actually hadn't seen this one with the motion and growth. I always show this fractal zoom to my students when I introduce my unit on fractals in geometry:

Have you seen Tim Hawkinson's "Fruit" series? More amazing fractal hands. I'll add a few pics above.

I hadn't. They're pretty awesome. I had seen his mobius ship before...I just didn't know who the artist was. Cool stuff. Thanks!

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