News: Curves With Staight Lines

Curves With Staight Lines


Cool. Looks like you made this by connecting each point to the one it is supposed to be connected to in order to make the parabolic arc and then also connect it to every point before that so you get a more filled in design but should still get the parabola the same. Cool idea. It would also make an interesting combinatorics problem to calculate for a given number of points how many lines would have to be drawn this way. :)

True, you explained it well!

Beautiful stuff Cerek. Is it a parabola or a hyperbola? Whichever it looks great!

I used to think it was a hyperbola because of how it seems to approach a line, but here is a paper that shows that it is actually a section of a parabolic arc.

Yea it's parabolic

Definitely cool. I'd like to see you do another one with different colors!

That would be cool!

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