Forum Thread: Project ideas (Please submit some!)

Project ideas (Please submit some!)

Project ideas: I have lots of ideas, but I'm always looking for more. If there's anything that's even vaguely related to math, art, architecture, science-based art, etc. that you're interested in, please share!

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I'm not sure where this could go, but I'm hypnotized by fractal geometry found in natural objects... like this romanseco broccoli:


I love the romanseco broccoli!  I once had a student whose family grew them bring in one to show the class when we were doing a quick unit on fractals. They are just as amazingly weird in real-life as in pictures!

Hmmm....  I definitely plan on having some fractal posts and projects.  Now I have some ideas for some mathematical food and food play posts.

food related geometry would be so awesome!

I cant seem to get the idea of using octahedrons as some sort of building blocks out of my head. I still don't know what exactly to do with the idea, which is why I'm posting it here as inspiration.

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